My most special Filofaxes – picture heavy post!

Personal Rose Classic. I love this one because I love the Classic style and the camel colour. Regarding the Rose version, it never made it into full production because it was too complicated to produce. I fell in love with this binder in 2010 when it was given to the original owner, Erin, by Filofax. I am so lucky to own it.

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Mini Teal Baroque – I can remember seeing this model for the first time in NK in Stockholm. My heart sped up when I saw the embossing on the inside cover. At the time I didn’t buy it but then heard that they had been discontinued and managed to get a mini Teal on sale at 70% off. It is smaller than I usually use but has worked extremely well for travel. It has travelled all over the world with me and apart from a tiny ballpoint pen mark on the front cover, is pristine.

Many people say they would prefer the embossing on this model to be on the outside, but I like it on the inside. It is like wearing nice underwear – no one knows but you and that makes it all the more special. I do so wish they would reissue this binder – and in more colours (like purple with gold embossing!) as it is so in demand. I have had countless offers for my mini one and have held out until I find a personal in Teal. But they are very thin on the ground.

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Gillio Pocket and A5 Mia Caras in Epoca Gold – they are so well-designed and the leather is divine. They age beautifully. They have replaceable rings so you can choose gold, brushed silver or silver.

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Mulberry Oak Agenda – I love Mulberry Oak Darwin leather. They do not make it anymore and have replaced it with the smoother and more delicate Natural Vegetable Tanned Leather. I have a Mulberry Oak Darwin Bayswater, Roxanne, wallet and travel bag. So this completed my collection!  It is well-designed and has been intensively used for years. It just gets better and better with age. The only thing I am less than infatuated with is the fact that they have cut down their selection of inserts and that the rings are not compatible with other inserts.

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Red Lizard Personal – this is probably the biggest bargain I have ever had. I bought it at 80% off plus loyalty points which meant it cost a teeny tiny fraction of the original price. It is soft, flexible, hardwearing as iron, beautifully made (with ring protectors) and a lovely colour. The only minus is that the pen loop is missing but that is the reason for part of the discount and I can live with it as I never use pen loops anyway.

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A5 Orange Finsbury – this was an accidental favourite. I bought it while I was waiting for my A5 Siena to arrive. It was the last one and they had discontinued this colour. But wow! I love it – it is tough and sturdy and a wonderful bright colour which is as good in summer as it is in autumn. It never fails to put a smile on my face and has worn amazingly well. After being intensively used for almost a year it has not one mark on it.

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And on the way to me, two more that will be my favourites:

Personal Ostrich Buttercup – below is a photograph of Susanna’s one which I fell in love with. She says she cannot move out of it and I can quite understand why. At the meet I couldn’t stop squeezing it and cuddling it! I hope mine has the lovely puffy and bumpy yet soft and smooth feeling! The layout is also very practical with multiple pockets and sleeves. And here is mine


Limited Edition 75th anniversary Grace Scurr boxed Filofax. I won this on eBay. They are very hard to find so I am rather pleased. My first thought was that I was going to use it but now I am not so sure. It seems sacrilegious to use something so beautiful and rare.


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  1. So jealous of the Grace Scurr filo! I keep a lookout on eBay for vintage filos, but never spotted that one…

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