Post No. 3 for The Travel Project

Hi! Katie is back today to share her third post for The Travel Project. Here she is!

Hello again!
So this travel filofax is being used to plan a university expedition. As it is a module on my course, we have lots of other information being thrown at us, and I have a notebook for this. 
In my notebook I write down all the general expedition information that my lecturer gives us throughout the class. Often I will end up writing a little note alongside a point which can relate to my own expedition.
I will then transfer important bits into my filofax which have relevant details to what I personally am planning. At the moment this is working great, and I will be carrying on with this system. It allows me to separate all important and non-important bits, so when I look through the planning pages I don’t have to sift through lots of notes! Now, when I meet up with my group, I am only using my filofax – I don’t need the general notes then. It is really useful having something so small that can hold so much information! 
It also fits into my ‘colour’ coding notebook system! 😉 

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