Saint Laurent Sac de Jour top handle bag


I recently fell in love with the bag above, carried by Liz Hurley in a pap shot. I am not normally a fan of the way she dresses. I find it rather bland and anonymous but this bag I really loved. I had never seen one like this before and had no clue what brand it was. I thought it may have been Tod’s or a Victoria Beckham (although she does not put shoulder straps on her bags).


I asked in one of the handbag Facebook groups I belonged to and within a week I had an answer from the lovely Roanne – it was a Saint Laurent Sac de Jour top handle bag. So I looked for some photographs and here it is. img-thing 2013-Saint-Laurent-YSL-Sac-de-Jour-Small-Carryall-Bag-23669-apricot-024622

ysl-sacdujourcarryall-505x600 P00068916-SAC-DU-JOUR-SMALL-LEATHER-TOTE-DETAIL_1 Replica YSL 23669 Apricot_04

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