Post No. 1 for The Mom/Daughter Project

Hi All! I’m excited to share the first post for the Mom/Daughter Project, where Kanani and her daughter Tara will be using a personal Mode to organize Tara’s final year of high school. Here they are!

Hello Everyone!
We are so excited to be sharing my daughters adventure on using a Filofax Mode in Aqua as a high school student!
Before we get started, a bit about us…
We, my daughter Tara and I (Kanani), are working on this project together. Tara has just started her Senior year in high school and has a lot on her plate with classes, extracurricular activities and preparing for college. She will be using the Filofax on a day to day basis and I’ll be working with her on setting it up and creating whatever inserts she may need to help keep her schedule and life organized. 
Since my main role in this project is helping to get her setup and creating inserts for her, I’ll be writing the first post and she’ll be checking in with you all for the next few posts on what has been working, what hasn’t, what changed, etc. 


Before receiving the much anticipated green envelope, Tara and I had talked over what sections and/or inserts she thought she may need. We had started planning before the school year started so she could get off to an organized start. While we were shopping for school supplies, she decided to color code her supplies. For each subject/class we bought a portfolio/folder and a notebook in the same color which we then carried over into her Filofax.

The Sections/Dividers…
The start of the binder includes 5 colored tabs, one for each class that Tara is currently taking.
RED – English
YELLOW – Calculus
GREEN – Government
BLUE – Economics
PURPLE – Women in Literature
The colored tabs are followed by a diary tab, a notes tab, and a zip pouch filled with post-its, page reinforcements and colored dots to use for color coding.
Check back next week when we dive into what’s behind each divider and how Tara has been using the inserts that I created as well as the Filofax inserts that come with most planners!

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