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On the Stockholm underground a couple of months ago I sat next to a woman wearing the most stunning ring. It was gold with large semi-precious stones which looked like they were floating on her finger. I was too shy to ask her where it came from, and I was sure it cost a fortune. I couldn’t stop thinking about it though. A couple of weeks ago I was early for a meeting in central London and popped into the Topshop Flagship store where I stumbed across the jewellery the woman had been wearing on the train. I almost did somersaults in the shop!

This jewellery is instantly recognisable but each piece is totally different. It is made of gold coated metal and semi-precious stones. No two pieces are alike. And because they are adjustable there are various ways you can wear them and you can move the stones to positions you like (although probably only do this once or twice as you don’t want to weaken them) And they are not expensive. The most expensive thing I saw was £44 – though I do tend to always only look at rings. If you find something you like, buy it immediately because it is the only one there is!

After spending ages looking at them I chose two rings – one with two stones and one with five stones. I almost bought three more but decided to step slowly back from the display and love the ones I had. Below are some photographs from Ottoman Hands Facebook page. Are they not absolutely and utterly stunning!

They are also available online at at, in Portobello Road in London and at House of Fraser. See their Facebook page here

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