Filofax Bromley Travel Wallet


Pictures of Bromley from Filofax website


At the moment I am using a Rizzo wallet, which is the best one I have ever had. I often buy two of something if I like it but in this case I didn’t and they don’t make them anymore. So have been searching for a replacement for it for quite a while. I like it because it has lots of card slots. In Sweden you have to carry ID at all times, I have various bank and loyalty cards and four pass-cards to various buildings I work in.

My battered Rizzo wallet

My battered Rizzo wallet

ddphoto eephoto

In the Filofax shop in Conduit Street London I found my replacement. The leather is soft and smooth yet sturdy and will age well. There are places for several different currencies, a pen loop and it is trifold. On the back are four more slots for papers you need at hand. It is snug so nothing falls out and there are different depths to the pockets so that it can fit anything from a business card to a boarding card. A passport fits perfectly.

When I decided to get it, I was given NOT a shelf copy, but one that had never been touched – in a beautiful box with all the padding and protective thin cards to keep it pristine.





The small flat in the middle opens to reveal two poppers which are 51mm apart. This allows you to slot in Filofax pages and carry them with you. Perhaps travel details or an itinerary?

Opened flap showing popper which can hold Filofax paper. Photograph by Jim Russo

Opened flap showing popper which can hold Filofax personal sized paper. Photograph by Jim Russo



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