New Filofax Diet Sheets, including A5 and goal page

A message from my wonderful diet-sheet-creating reader
‘As promised, I have made a few tweaks to make the sheet more like the original. The activity tracker is on the goal page now, I have set these A5 sheets up to fit 2 per A4, unscaled. Depending on printer set up these should be able to be printed double sided (short edge landscape)
I have created a new personal sized one to fit A4, also, I have managed to create the A4 sized sheet too’
I have put the original sheet up there so that you can see how it works. The new ones are below – just click the links.

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  1. Janet, my thanks to you and your “diet-sheet-creating reader” for these. Just the thing to help me get back on track. Yesterday I found my old slimline vinyl binder and inserts, including Slimming World Magazine’s ‘Filofax Calorie Counter’ from 1987. I’d used up all the Daily Intake Record sheets so yours are very timely!


  2. love this … thank you 🙂



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