Update on Missy the wonder dog :)

I have written about ‘Missy the German Shepherd’ several times on my blog. My main post about it is here. I have followed this saga from the beginning and one theme that cannot be ignored in this feel good tale is bureaucracy often gets in the way. All the red tape that grows out of good deeds and need can be counter-productive in the end. In this case search and rescue facilities in place did not allow for animal rescue. Missy is as I write this in a county care facility waiting for her fate to be decided by a court.

So now the Brothers of Lucky (which I wrote about here) have now created BOLSAR – Brothers of Lucky Search and Rescue – which will search for and rescue stranded dogs and other animals in Colorado mountain areas. What a lovely idea. I can imagine that they will hit red tape and have their naysayers but my hope is that human nature and the love of animals will prevail.

To this end they have designed what I call ‘Luckywear’ – clothing from which 100% of the proceeds will go to BOLSAR. The logo is designed by Stefan Kleinschuster who was one of the rescuers and who is an extremely talented artist (Google him for a real treat!). The logo depicts 8 figures around a dog. Apparently the number is just coincidence but there were 8 people who rescued Missy. There is a nice selection of clothing – I was happy to see that the logo is available in different shades.

You can find the clothing at http://luckydogloversunite.spreadshirt.com – I have not received mine yet as I only ordered it yesterday but as an experienced online shopper I can say that the experience has been 100% good so far. I will post updates as things progress.

All my sweatshirts and t shirts have memories – band t shirts, t shirts from my bungys (I actually jumped the highest one in the world just for the t shirt!) , National Sea Rescue t shirts, university sweatshirts. I still have T shirts from when I scrubbed decks on a yacht in Hawaii in the mid 80s. So the ones I ordered will fit very nicely into my collection. And whenever anyone asks what they mean, I will have a wonderful story to tell and hopefully add another fan to the BOLSAR cause.

Thanks guys!

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