The bicycle racks again

I posted a picture of this bicycle rack before, unsure of how it worked. I don’t ride a bicycle so I have never paid much attention. Quite a few readers figured it out and were keen on learning more.

I took some more photographs when last I went by. It is an ingenious design. You pull down the single racks using the red handles. Once the end of the rack is at ground level, you put your bicycle in the holders, lift it the rack up and slide it in. This allows twice the number of bicycles to be parked in the same amount of space. These racks are outside a busy commuter train station so it is a very smart idea.

This photograph was taken on a Sunday afternoon, so it is probably full during the week, even in winter.

Later we went to my daughter’s new apartment and she had very similar racks in her co-op cycle room, effectively doubling the storage space.

Author: Janet Carr

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