Different types of earlobes

My earlobes are like the ones on the right. Attached, and very small.

Having tiny earlobs makes it a huge challenge if you wish to wear earrings. You cannot wear clip-ons because there is nothing to clip on to. You are unable to wear heavy danglers, and large studs will go over the edge of the lobe.

I had my ears pierced with a needle when I was 12. For school we could wear small studs or tiny sleepers, and I have been much the same ever since.

I have never worn heavy earrings, but the holes have stretched a little over time, and my earlobes have thinned with age.  My piercings are not bad shape though. I make sure to use only small studs for daily wear, and I sleep in them to prevent having to constantly put them in and take them out. For special occasions I have light hoops and small danglers, but wear them for very short periods.

Here is an interesting article by Ancestry DNA, about earlobes.




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