Spotted underwear

I had a family member who used to wear white underpants with red polka dots under light-coloured trousers. He always looked like he had a rash on his bum. I only realised he didn’t have a health problem when I saw his dotty undies on the washing line. I guess at least his undies didn’t have large brown splotchy patterns…

These are real, and they are terrifying:


I usually avoid patterned or dotty undies like the ones below. If you wear white underwear with small black dots under black clothes there is often colour-transfer that makes the white part look dingy. But if you wear white underwear with darker polka dots on them under white clothes, you can often see the dots though the fabric and they can look like a rash.

I have the bra below, and it doesn’t look good under pale shirts. It makes my bust look blotchy.

This one in the same model, on the other hand, looks nice, because even though the pattern can be discerned, it cannot be misconstrued. I have a pink one as well.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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