When you find a great writing implement

Do you ever find that a certain pen or pencil improves your handwriting and is an absolute pleasure to use? This was just a cheap promotional pencil that I found in a teaching room recently. I did not want to dig around in my handbag for a pen so I just used what was nearest.

It was so nice to hold and the lead was perfectly angled. I even managed to stay straight with no effort. I was so sad to leave it behind!

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. ABSOLUTELY! I write solely with the Cross Tech 3+. It is a joy to write with it. So much so, that I did a video on it on my YouTube channel (search “thingsiappreciate” which is my channel name). Being a bit “on the spectrum”, everything I use and touch affects me highly, so all of my choices of those things are very well-researched – and especially _tested_ – by me and therefore highly curated and highly cherished. I find myself smiling when I am writing my morning notes every day and thinking, “MAN! I love writing with this; it feels sooooo goooood.”

    I love your blog so much; you express (so well) the same enjoyment of so many things that I enjoy as well. Thank you!!!

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