Chaotic week

My calendar this week looks exactly how the week has been in Sweden. Changes, late cancellations, crossing out, scribbles, illegible notes. A little dramatic, some stress.

In July, the Swedish Prime Minister stepped down after a declaration of no confidence in the government. Two weeks later, a shaky government was back in place. Two and a half weeks ago Prime Minister resigned and the government became an interim government. Yesterday morning at 9am, the first female Prime Minister was voted into power. At 4pm yesterday, an opposition budget was voted through, and at 4.45pm one of the coalition parties left the government in protest. So the Prime Minister elect is no longer, and we are back to an interim government. Eight months before a general election. I teach in both the Parliament and Government Offices so working there the last weeks has been…weird. The Speaker of the Parliament has to decide the next step but, for me, the weekend is soon coming and December will be calmer.

Because of this mess, and the all-night negotiations leading up to it, I had so many last-minute changes to my calendar. I will break my record for hours worked again this month – more than 300 at time of writing.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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