Five food-related questions


1. Do you use an egg cup?

  • I have heard that they are not used in the US? I love egg cups! My cousin collects them and he has some amazing ones.


2. When you make tea, do you add milk before or after the tea?

  • I usually drink fruit tea, and then I have it black. When I drink English breakfast tea, I use a teabag and put my milk in afterwards so that I can decide how strong I want it. What about you?

3. How do you boil water for tea or coffee?

  • When I lived in the US, people boiled water on their stoves. When I moved to Sweden, it was almost impossible to find a kettle. Nowadays though, you can find them everywhere!

This is mine!

4. What do you call the end piece of a loaf of bread?

  • I call it a crust, but I have heard it called a heel. It’s my favourite part of a loaf of bread! What about you?

5. What is your favourite soup?

  • I am not a soup fan, unless I am sick. If I am sick, all I want is plain tomato soup or plain mushroom soup. From a packet or a tin is fine, but that is all I eat until I am feeling better, and I actually really enjoy it. But only when I am feeling poorly.



Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

6 thoughts

  1. 1. I use an egg cup when I have a soft-boiled egg (or “dippums egg” as we knew it as children).
    2. If I make tea in a mug using a tea bag (or loose tea using an immersible diffuser) then the milk is added after the tea has brewed. If I make tea in a pot (always loose tea) then the milk goes in the cup then the tea is poured over it. Green tea is drunk without milk. Ditto any teas which don’t actually have tea in them.
    3. I use an electric kettle to boil water, my daughter uses a kettle on the stove.
    4. I’d call the first and last slices of the loaf “the end of the loaf” because there’s a crust around the outside of every slice of bread.
    5. Of the soups you show, it’s a tie between tomato and minestrone. But I’m very fond of a good vegetable soup.

  2. 1) no, but I would love to try an egg in an egg cup.
    2) the my Irish family way, the cup should be warm, the tea is brewed in the pot, pour into cup, and add milk
    3) Breville Teapot, amazing machine! If you love tea, you will love the Breville Teapot!
    4) heel, and it is our bird’s favorite piece!
    5) Tomato with a grilled cheese sandwich, that is my comfort combo. The others in the right context are fine.

  3. My favorites in order of preference: French onion; Matzoh ball; Tomato; Broccoli cheddar; Minestrone. Mind, I’m a vegetarian, and while I’ve nothing against the others they’re no my cuppa soup.

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