Autumn planning

This was my planner about a month ago. I used washi to mark days where I was not in Stockholm, and therefore only available to teach online. I don’t use washi often, but this is one of my favourites – it always cheers me up.

And this is this week. My calendar is getting fuller and fuller for every week that goes, and it looks like this autumn is going to be a record for me. I have even considered upsizing to A5 so that I can be more detailed in my planning, but I know it will end up like a brick and I will have to carry it everywhere from 15 September (when I start working out in the field again).

This term I am starting out by teaching online and then from end September – if all goes well – starting to transition to working in different workplaces again. I am in my Louis Vuitton PM agenda at present, but I will probably change into one of my custom Van Der Spek personal-sized planners in September because they have more pockets to hold all the bits of paper and receipts I am given during the course of my day.

I have also just ordered my 2022 inserts. I am very boring – I found a system that worked for me a long time ago, and I have not changed it since.

  • Burde vertical week on two pages for bookings
  • behind that, Filofax page a day for daily to dos
  • behind that, lined notepaper

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. So sorry for your loss and Covid experience Nathalie. Sending love and prayers your way. Still stumped re 2022 inserts but in A6!! xxxxxx

    1. Thank you Jane. Yes, it’s been a terrible experience for me. I was very close to my mum and I had moved back to hers six years ago when she became unable to stay on her own. The worst of all is that she got Covid because of me. That is a horrible thought that will haunt me forever.

  2. I always love your planners posts.

    I am also going back to work in September. I will be teaching at university and travelling around Europe for my interpreting job. I dread it as the Covid is still very active but I have no choice. Here schools will be reopening, no online teaching any more, and having to spend my days surrounded by students doesn’t please me at all.

    I am very anxious about getting infected again. I got the Covid in May, got really sick and contaminated my mother who didn’t survive. It has been an awful period for me and I am scared of taking public transports again and being in public places.

    Please, Janet, be extra careful.

    1. I am so sorry Nathalie. So very sorry. When I wrote this post I wondered if you would still be able to work at a distance this term as I know you and I have similar jobs. I have been allowed to continue doing most of my work online but I will be on site one or two days a week from the end of next month. I always worry more about public transport than anything else as people are really careless. Please please take care of yourself dear Nathalie.

      1. Thank you for your kind words, Janet.
        I have only worked from home for four weeks last winter. We had to go teaching even when we had most of the students absent. It was dreadful and exhausting as we also had to send the lessons to the absentees every day so they wouldn’t be lost when they’d come back.
        As for my interpreting job for the EU, I haven’t been able to travel as often as I usually do because most meeting have been canceled which was a relief for me. However it seems that things are almost back to normal now and I already have a few trips planned.
        I spend about three hours in public transports every day (busses and tubes) and that is a real worry for me. Needless to say I’ll be extra careful but that didn’t prevent me from getting infected.

  3. The planners are always fun, and your blog is what introduced me to the marvelous Elrohir Leather covers. Thank you. I’ve even started subscribing to your posts.

    This message, however, has me puzzled and troubled, as so much during the pandemic does. COVID-19 has not gone away, and is, in fact, increasing. Vaccinations don’t necessarily prevent it from occurring. Any one of us human beings can unknowingly infect (even unto death) literally hundreds of others at any time because we might not even know we are sick. This makes it extremely dangerous for everyone to either “resume normal life,” as it were, and certainly to either encourage it or describe oneself as engaging in it.

    “If all goes well” simply will either not occur or it will be overtaken by serious and life-threatening disease in the near future. Please reconsider seriously thinking about “working in different workplaces again.” And please do not inadvertently encourage your readers to do so. Thank you.

    1. Thank you for this. I was perhaps not clear in my post and I appreciate you holding me accountable.

      I have been working from home for 16 months, in a country that has never had a lockdown. I myself still do not go out much, and have not seen my beloved family in three years because I refuse to travel. But I do work in the government and Parliament with issues that cannot always be dealt with online (defence, national security, the prisons and police, terrorism intelligence). So for those I am going to have to start going in to the government and the parliament buildings. But as far as possible all my teaching and discussions will be online. The Swedish government has restrictions in place and encourages everyone to work at home until the end of the year, even though you are technically allowed back at work on 15 Sept. I am going in to the parliament today and will follow all measures – avoiding public transport, mask, disinfectant, getting in and out as fast as possible.

      I myself lost three people close to me from COVID, so this is something I do take very seriously. And I am glad you do too. Thank you so much for your comment.

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