Sterling silver animal ring

I spotted this ring in one of my favourite Etsy stores, Cougar Cove Jewelry, a couple of months ago. Sadly, by the time I saw it, it had been reserved. Because it had been reserved rather than sold, it stayed up on the site and so I could keep looking at it.

I decided to take a chance and ask Mary if the buyer was still interested, because a couple of months had passed. To my surprise and joy, the seller decided not to buy it, and it was mine. I love it!

I have bought jewellery from this shop several times, and also a Christine Price leather handbag. Item descriptions are always really detailed. Pricing, packaging and communication are really good, and polishing instructions, polishing cloth, polishing paste etc are included in the package. My instructions were beautifully printed out in both Swedish and English. They also welcome offers on any of the items they have in their shop, and accept returns. Plus, shipping is free. I cannot express how nice Mary is to deal with. I am just a regular customer and she always treats me like royalty!

I cannot wait to receive this beauty. I am hoping to wear it as a thumb ring. I normally wear rings on my middle and ring fingers but recently I have been wearing pinkie rings and index finger rings for a change.

One thing I really like about this shop is that they sell all their jewellery unpolished, and prefer that you return it for a refund unpolished. That means you can keep it with its vintage patina, or polish it up to a nice shine yourself.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. We LOVE you feel we’re worthy of your business and we will continue to try our best to be sure your shopping experience is the best possible. We know our customers can shop any where and we appreciate they shop with us each and every time, no matter what they’re looking for. Every purchase is important and we want them all to be special :0)

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