Beautiful amethyst and silver ring on Etsy

I absolutely love this silver and amethyst ring from Etsy shop SoulinsJWL. It is one of a kind and the colour of the amethyst is gorgeous. The packaging also looks beautiful.

I contacted Kateryna and she was very quick to answer my questions and send me more photographs. There are also some other lovely items in the shop. I cannot attest to anything regarding purchasing as I have never purchased from here, but I am sure I will in the future! Because Kateryna is in Ukraine, she is unable to use PayPal, but you can use SWIFT.





Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. This ring has JANET written all over it! You’re right, it is gorgeous!

    It reminds me of jewelry that is made by Jonna Jinton, a young Swedish woman who, many years ago, decided to leave the city and live in the woods of Northern Sweden. Her website is: She also sells photo prints and paintings.

    It was the middle of last year when I first stumbled upon her Youtube video. I was absolutely fascinated by her singing/calling the cows to come home; video can be seen here ——->

    As the saying goes, the rest is history, because her website came way after her Youtube videos; her webshop just launched in September of this year.

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