Scented Candles Part 2

I still have my candle-time every night when I have a long soak in a deep bubble bath. I turn the lights off and relax, which is something I usually have difficulty doing. I have learned now to trim the wicks and make sure to have a full burn across the whole surface the first time I use a candle.

I love Voluspa Panjore Lychee so much much that I have now bought them in several sizes. The lychee, cassis & asian pear smell is tart yet sweet and I love the pale pink colour of the glass and the candle. The patterned glass looks so lovely as the candle burns and I am hoping that I can use it afterwards to hold flowers or pens. The gorgeous patterns it throws on the bathroom tiles is almost as pretty as the pink patterned glass itself.

I finally bought my first Yankee Candle – Crisp Apple and Jasmine. I have always found the colours/labels of these candles over-bright and suspected that smell could be too overpowering for me. However, they were selling these out at Lidl so I got this one for next to nothing. It does smell quite nice but the scent is nothing special. That’s probably why they were selling them so cheaply.

I still want to try Yankee Candle Clean Cotton because the smell sounds nice and light and the candle itself is white with subtle colouring on the label.

Yankee Candle do use refined paraffin wax in their candles though.  I am trying to go more non-toxic because I use candles more often these days so I have started looking for coconut or soya candles. I don’t burn them long but still.

I really like the one below – Voluspa Saijo Persimmon, which smells of persimmon, peach & redcurrant. I love the smell of peach in this one!

And I have just reordered this one. It is made 100% of soya wax and smells divine!

Another brand I love is Lily-Flame. Even before I liked scented candles I loved these ones. I used to get them as gifts from my cousin in the early 2000s. I lit them because I felt obliged to use them but fell immediately in love and actually repurchased my favourites when they were finished. From memory, in addition to the below I have tried – and loved – Snowfall, Bluebell and Honeysuckle.

This small family business started the candle-in-a-in phenomenon and were sponsored by The Prince’s Trust when they started out.

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