Hobonichi for 2021?

I have not changed my planning and scheduling system for a long time now. I use a personal sized ring organiser for my work (bookings and to do lists), and traveler’s notebooks for client notes, health and self-care, and personal wish lists.

A couple of months ago I bought some Hobonichi items, in the hope that I can change over to a Hobonichi in A6 size for next year’s health and self care. It’s more compact and I felt like a change. I actually ordered it in the spring for an autumn start but there was no delivery from Japan to Sweden until about July and by then all my planning etc had been done.

Plastic sleeves to the left and Mother2 writing board on the right.
Plastic sleeves

Mother2 writing board front and back
Various stationery items. The lead in the pencil was, sadly, too thin for me. Lefties tend to press hard and this just broke, no matter what I did. Fail for me I am afraid.

I had been eyeing this one out since 2019 and finally decided to take the plunge this year. I love vacchetta leather so this was right up my alley.

Small grid notebook

Small grid notebook, pack of 3. To the right is a little block of Mother2 post it notes that came with the leather cover
Grid notebook

I also bought a cream canvas pouch with many pockets, and a fold-up tarpaulin utility case, though I have not taken my own pics. These photos are from the Hobonichi site.

And some other general photos of the items above, also from the Hobonichi site

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Author: Janet Carr

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5 thoughts

  1. The Orenz is a case in point. You have to ot show the lead when you push the lead advance. I think on the Orenz you push once. The lead is shielded, but wnen you write, the shield moves back enough for you to write, but not break. The trouble with it the instructions are in Japanese, and the pictogram 3xplaining how to use the pencil are so tiny

    1. That should read not to show. Sorry, I need to turn off the dreadful predictive text on my tablet. Every time it updates, it goes crazy and changes the text as you post.

  2. If you want to use O.2 lead you need a mechanical pencil with a “sleeve “. The lead is protected by the sleeve and moves back as you are writing to reveal the lead. There are several makes but the only one I an think of is the Delgado. Cult pens have been my source for several. 2hen I wrote slower, I use a fountain pen, but use a pencil for notes where speed is necessary. I am heavy handed too, with a pencil although strangely I have a light touch with a fountain pen. I hope I’m not teaching my granny now to suck eggs, but as I suspect I am, as you are so stationery savvy.

    1. Not at all Clare – I am so happy to have your advice. I have never heard of those kinds of pencils so I am off to look at them now. Thank you so much for the tip!

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