Loving Fluffy

I adopted Fluffy in January 2011, a month after losing our previous cat. He became my special one immediately. He was so quirky, and had the most expressive face. He sleeps cuddled up close to me every single night, purring me to sleep. He flirts for food and loves crawling under the covers on our bed during the day, for ‘bump time’. He loves other cats and people. His loud purr and his cuddles are so therapeutic after a hard day.

Fluffy is now almost 10 years old and showing his age. He has arthritis, tooth problems, eye problems, and anal gland problems. But he is happy and loving and never shows his suffering. Even at the vet, he loves everyone, giving them head boops as they examine him.

This year has, however, been a bad one for Fluff, with 16 vet visits and four surgeries. About a month ago he had surgery on his anal glands, and four days later one of them exploded again. Each time this happens, he has to have surgery, stitches, drains, painkillers and follow-up visits. He hates it. We decided that night that it was time for him to go peacefully. We just couldn’t bear to see him suffering uncomplainingly, even while in terrible pain.

We made an at-home appointment for euthanasia the following day at midday, and we both cried all night. The next morning, with tears streaming down our faces, we gave him some last cuddles. But my husband said ‘I am going to take him back to the vet’. There they offered to put Fluffy down immediately, but my husband asked for a final procedure. They operated to rinse, drain and open up his anal gland again.

After that procedure, Fluffy perked up. He really did. Everything got better – even his eyes. Last Thursday we had the vet visit us for either euthanasia or advice. She said he is good for a while yet. And we carry on in hope. Savouring every single minute, spoiling him as much as possible, giving him endless love and cuddles. We take each day as it comes and give him the best day ever.

One of the saddest things about life is that most pets don’t live as long as we do. But the best thing is that we can offer them a peaceful end when the suffering becomes too much. That is the greatest gift. My animals usually ‘tell’ me when it is time for them to go – they have looked at me and I have known. But Fluffy never did. I hope the time comes that he does tell us, because that decision is so so difficult to make.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. He is such a lovely boy!
    And I agree as this post touched me too as it will be nearly two years since we lost our beloved cat, Floopy.
    She came into my life during a difficult time for me & really saved me with her craziness & unconditional love. We both needed someone 🙂 I am so glad that he has been doing better x

  2. How lovely, what a beautiful cat. I found this only today. I have difficulty with my old iPad and with my old phone. It seems I need a new one.

    Bis bald. xxx

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  3. What a beautiful creature! With the two of you so in tune with each other I can’t imagine that Fluffy wouldn’t find a way to tell you when he wants to move out of his cuddly but probably somewhat cumbersome (by now) body. You’ll know. I hope he can stick around for a while yet! Much love x

  4. Hi Janet,
    Such a beautiful post. It was so nice to hear he perked up.. Send you and Jan-Olaf warm hugs and please give Fluffy a warm hug from me… Such a sweet boy.

  5. Janet this so touched me. And adore the photos! So relieved Fluffy is feeling better! Maybe his illness was the catalyst for you and your husband to let go of some old emotion? Our precious furbabies are such healers! I have my own gorgeous black and white boy Louis, so your posts and pictures really warm my heart! Love you all in Stockholm from Melbourne, Lisa xx

    1. This is interesting. When I had to put my old boy Tusse down I cried every day for months. I am not a crier generally but the tears just came and would not stop. Afterwards someone also suggested that I was grieving for other things as well and that the loss of an animal is often a catalyst to let go of old grief. I let animals have my heart in a way I don’t with humans so I think maybe that is true.

  6. Janet,

    I am so glad that Fluffy perked up after going to the vet – he was letting you all know that he was not yet ready to go. I agree that it is very sad that our pets don’t live as long as we do – how I wish that they did.

    Please continue to love on him with all your heart; he will let you know when he is ready to cross the Rainbow Bridge – my KiKi (RIP) did.

    P.S. Fluffy is definitely a handsome boy with a very expressive face!

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