Planning in this time of chaos

How is your planning and scheduling going during this very surreal year? I wonder if people have needed to plan less and journal more? Have calendar sales dropped?

I normally work out in the field 95% of the time. I carry my paper planner with me everywhere to jot down notes and record bookings. When I get home, I synchronise the bookings with the online record system that handles our invoices and payments.

During the spring, I worked almost 95% of the time at home, so I didn’t rely on my paper calendar as much for lists, notes or bookings. When I went out it was for personal reasons so I carried a small bag and no calendar.

Now things are really complicated. My students are all alternating between Skype/Zoom/Teams and face-to-face. Sometimes they alternate on the same day (one online lesson and one face-to-face lesson), or they change their platform at the last minute. I need to note this and – even harder – remember it in a sea of other bookings and changes. I have to remember to send out or cancel online meeting invitations.

Most of my groups have been disbanded and each student has been allocated 1:1 hours. I need to keep a running total of these hours.

All in all, I am finding things exhausting, so I need to remember to keep looking in my calendar and to record everything, no matter what.

At the moment I am in my flea-market bargain Louis Vuitton MM agenda with Burde inserts.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. I have cut back on my pages to WO1P since Coronavirus lockdown, plus a daily, which I use on the page opposite this week, and bin at the end of each day. Working fine so far, but need to simplify my appointments recording a bit more, using more minimal info, thus saving planner space. Eventually may just add monthly pages for more detail, yet I hate having 2 calendars to swish between……because copying errors and missed appointments are more likely, so probably will not add monthly pages in reality. One life, one calendar, one planner is my modus operandi!! I am too fussy in my planner though, a bit precious over it, and like the way yours is a working document with arrows, crossings out etc etc. xx

  2. You’re absolutely right. I actually feel like I’m using my planner more intensely since the pandemic started. It’s probably because we spend less time on the road to get to and from meetings so there’s no downtime in between, so to speak.

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