Cerave and Milk moisturizers

Since 13, I have used Astalift almost exclusively. I have written several articles about this amazing skincare line. I am so addicted to this line that I stock up several times a year in case they stop making it. When the film-developing market collapsed, Fujifilm began producing skincare products using the same technology and they are EPIC. For my skin anyway.

But during the summer when it is hot, my skin goes haywire. My normally dry skin becomes oily, shiny, sweaty, greasy, sometimes spotty. So I have to temporarily use lighter formulas that still hydrate. I usually use Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturiser + for dry skin but this year I have tried these two.

I found the Cerave a little light for me but I really like the Cerave brand. It is not fancy but works really well and the price point is excellent. This tube cost me about €12.

One I am really impressed by is the Milk Makeup Vegan Milk Moisturizer. I received a sample sachet a while back and loved it. Thick and rich but not too heavy in hot weather.

Milk Makeup is a bit of a cult brand, and they have a very interesting-sounding solid stick masks, serums and body oils  but this is the first product of them I have ever used. Would be interested to see if any of my readers have tried any others because the vegan milk moisturizer is really good.


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