Mälaren runt

By Daniel Brace for Braceiller (Source) We are at the front in this official photo, with our friend just behind us in the green checks.

Last weekend, my husband and I went on a 300-km bike rally around Lake Mälaren, the third-largest lake in Sweden. It was cloudy but rained only very briefly and the ride was lovely.

There are different stops along the way where you can eat, admire the bikes, shop at stalls, and chat with other riders. So many different bikes to look at!

The programme
The route
I have never seen anything quite like this Honda Goldwing…
Would have loved to have seen it all lit up at night!
Our bike is to the right
Every time we wash it, it gets dirty again immediately! We have a Harley-Davidson 2017 Street Glide-Milwaukee Eight 107

Photos from previous rallies.

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