My planner pages are not pretty, unfortunately, but they are effective

I love looking at stylish and pretty layouts, with stickers and decoration. For me, however, it just wouldn’t work because I schedule rather than plan. Each hour of my day is booked and changes are constant. I have to write with whatever pen or pencil I can find, sometimes balancing my planner on my arm while I am walking.

Here you can see my calendar pages for this week and next week.

The blue washi tape is a quick way of denoting that I am in one place all morning with several different courses in a row.

The pink washi tape denotes that my partner is away those days.

Each student is listed with initials or name and groups have a code, for example SOC is the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare.

The rest of the time is various scribbles, crossing outs, changes, notes and late additions. For example this week I had to take an emergency trip to the vet with Fluffy, who was not well. I then had to move my existing appointment somewhere else.

This is my Van der Spek standard sized Menthe Touch Me with 30mm gold rings. The calendar is my favourite Burde Interplano .

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. It always amazes me how much information you get into a personal size page. I too am a Bic 4 Color ‘afficionado’. 😉

  2. How do you make this blog so cool for such a a long time?! I just never get bored of your planner posts. <3

  3. Thank you for your blog I love to see your planners. I use my bic pen to colour code, which I passed on as an idea to a work colleague (to me it was obvious) But I need colour other wise I tend to not notice things and miss them in my planner.

  4. I really loved this blog post about planners. I too use my planner to write work things down as I am a Kindy Aide at a school, it is pretty much full of activities and prep I need to do. I might use coloured pens but that is it. Thanks again for your post.

  5. By the way, I really like and missed your posts about your ring planners (what’s in them, how you use them etc). Please do more of these reviews as you are a real source of inspiration for many of us!

    Didn’t you initially say that you’d keep that planner to plan your wedding? Have you changed your mind and plan your Big Day in an other one?

    1. Yes I was keeping that for the wedding but one very cold and dark day here I just had a huge urge for something colourful and new. So I have been using this one since just after new year I think. I have been really really busy so this has been a lifesaver the past few weeks.

      1. From what you’ve said before you have had that planner since early February.
        I agree that that colour is perfect to cheer dark and gloomy winter days up. We all need a bit of colour in our life! And yes, using a planner is a life saver (But you already know that as you’ve been us I g planners for such a long time too!).

  6. I can’t stand watching planner pages full of decoration, stickers and other fancy washi tape. I find it utterly disturbing. I keep my pages neat with only my schedules. They are full from 8 am to 7.30 pm for work purpose and then sometimes until 9pm if I have personal appointments. And twice a week I also need to write down my flights or train journeys and my hotels details which then make it impossible for me to add anything else. Needless to say that the A6 pages in my Mulberry are well filled in.
    The only fancy thing I do is that I colour code the different categories (Uni teaching, translating, interpreting, personal/family) with my Bic 4 Colours.

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