Using a ring organiser to plan your travels – Part 5

Katie is back today with her final post for The Filofax Project!

Hello again! Throughout this project, I have really loved having a ‘special’ planner just for my expedition planning. The others in my group used notebooks, and I could see just how valuable it was to have the different sections and dividers available in a filofax! Everything can be found so easily.
My set up did not change much during the project, and I still have my initial dividers. The only change was an added notes section, which I had originally forgotten about! This section was kind of necessary… I realised quite quickly that I had nowhere to jot down random bits of information.
So notes, places, video planning, travel, accommodation, important info and itinerary cover everything for me…
The pocket size was new to me, as I mentioned in my first post. Now I couldn’t use this size as an every day diary – it’s a little too small for that! For the purpose of planning an expedition, the size couldn’t be more perfect! It has enough room on each page to get a good amount of information in, and it isn’t too big to carry around.
Like I’ve said previously, I will be taking the planner on my expedition. Now I’ve said that the set-up for me was perfect and working great, but I am going to add some pages in the itinerary section. I thought that it would be a good idea to use a day per page layout to note down everything that happened during the day. The things we did/saw and any thoughts/feelings. I have designed a simple page for this, though I haven’t yet printed it! I’ve set it out so that I can just circle the day of the week, and then write the day/month underneath that. Then it’s just graph paper to write down whatever I want! 
And that’s it! I’m definitely going to keep updating the planner, and of course as I mentioned, I will be using it when I go on my expedition! The date has been set for the last week of April 2014…! 


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