Ten months in the same TN system – a record!

I have been in the same TN system since mid-March 2017, which is absolutely unheard of for me. From 22nd March 2017 or so I was in my A5 Apple Pig Cave Art cover with super pockets, super pen loop and wallet insert. On 10th January this year I changed into the same design but in a different leather. This time it was my A5 Wide Apple Pig 5mm Natural Vegetable Tanned Leather with super pockets, super pen loop and wallet insert

This is the perfect design and setup for me. Read about my setup here and I cannot see myself changing my system at all in the future.

This design looks complicated but is pretty easy to order – you order the basic cover and then you can add separate options one by one. The super pocket is actually two pockets, one flip-out pocket constellation on each side. Superpockets include credit card holders, slip pockets, pen case, and secretarial pockets. This is such a functional design.

Lin from Apple Pig is an absolute genius designer. He does groundbreaking work with his pockets and zips and his workmanship is out of this world.

I was lucky enough to buy my covers before his reputation spread so I got them very quickly and I was able to have frequent communication with Lin when choosing leathers. Nowadays he opens about once every five weeks to take orders but his work is well worth the wait. Find his Etsy shop here. There is also a Facebook group for Apple Pig fans where you can ask questions, see photos of different designs, and find up to date information about shop openings.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. They look to have worn really well, as good as new I should say. Are the card pockets still secure?

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