I found my African Unicorn!

Most people call rare, in-demand, and hard to find items ‘unicorns’. I find this strange because unicorns do not exist, so by definition you could never find one.

The African Unicorn, the Okapi, is still out and about, however (although endangered) – and only discovered by the west in the 20th Century. They are spotted very rarely. In fact, the first time an Okapi was photographed in the wild was September 11, 2008. They are the giraffe’s closest relative and have the most beautiful colouring.

Anyhoo, when it comes to Filofaxes I have two African Unicorn. The Reindeer (cut from 18th century Russian reindeer hides which had spent two hundred years shipwrecked at the bottom of the sea), and the Classic Mash Up. Of the two – surprisingly – the Classic Mash Up is the rarer, given that there were only 25 made of each of the two colour ways.

I already have this one:

HUGE thanks to Jessica O, who alerted me to the listing, I now have this one! It has some wear to two of the corners, but it went for a very low price so I absolutely cannot complain! I have been waiting for years for this and it did not pop up on my saved search so I am thrilled people know I love rarities!

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