L’artiste pencil cases by PrintWorks

For the past four years I have been in a Van Der Spek pen holder. I switch between my undyed and my Janet Leather ones in this model.

In them I just carry two cheap pens. They have all been pretty hardy and I use them every single day.

The past week though, I have been hankering after something different. Maybe it is because it is summer and I am more free, maybe I just needed a change after four years.

I found this one locally. It is L’artiste by PrintWorks and is in faux saffiano leather, which should be pretty hardy. It cost about €15 in a local department store. You can also find them here

It fits all my pencils, rulers etc with loads of room to spare.

It comes in several designs and colours.

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  1. Are you happy with this pencil case? I bought one last weekend and the zipper doesn’t function properly…

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    • Yes I love them! I now have two – a grey one for my pens and a teal one for my pencils. The grey one goes in my bag every day. I bought them in store though so I checked the zippers before I bought them. I noticed then that there were a couple that didn’t pull very well. One trick that often works with a sticky zipper is to rub graphite (pencil) along the teeth. I hope that works for you. If it just doesn’t work at all, then I would return it. Let me know how it goes!



  1. Van Der Spek custom Codex out and about during the past two weeks – Janet Carr @

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