What’s in my bag – Longchamp Le Pliage

I used to have two Longchamp Les Pliages bags – one blue medium sized with short handles and one purple large with long handles. I sold the purple one and kept the blue one but never used it.

I love using them for travel. You can pop one or two into your luggage (they are light and don’t take up any space when folded) and use them for day trips or to carry excess purchases home with you. They are also very tough and waterproof and, for a ‘designer’ handbag, the price is very good.

Until recently though, I had never been able to use one as a daily handbag. I was of the opinion that I needed a more structured bag with proper internal or external pockets – these just have one small slip pocket inside. I felt that everything fell into a heap at the bottom. Even though I loved them for travelling, I could not understand people who used them as their EDC (everyday carry).

Well, that all changed about three weeks ago when I was going through all my bags deciding which ones to sell. I found this one and thought I would use it a few times before selling it. Well, I am now totally converted! It is light, comfortable, accommodating and I can throw anything in it!

As you can see, now that summer is here I have downsized quite a bit. I am not out in the field all day and I don’t have to carry work papers with me.

  • makeup bag (a freebie from Air France)
  • small Tupperware container with dried mango
  • black Van Der Spek Touch Me binder in pocket size
  • A6 spiral bound page a day planner for all my sales information
  • Tissue holder
  • gum
  • umbrella
  • sunglasses
  • earphones


Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Over the past two years, I have purchased 3. Never understood the appeal, purchased one and years later I’m hooked. They weigh nearly nothing, the best for travel and commute to work. I do have a very compact, small purse organizer in mine which helps to keeps things in order leaving room on the sides of the organizer for more items. Highly recommend!

    1. LOL yes, I could never figure out why people loved them so much. They seemed so flimsy and plain. Now I am totally in love! I even went to look at a red one on the sales yesterday!

      1. Thanks – that’s worth knowing. I’m currently very happy with an O Bag. It’s an Italian make and you choose the shell, the insert, the handles and even a trim if you want one. So you can mix and match loads! I have a bigger one which just holds a MacBook, but am currently using the slightly smaller size. Because the shell is firm, the bag doesn’t flop and things stand up inside it.

  2. I’ve been tempted several times to buy a Longchamp bag as I often see women commuting on the trains with them. However, the lack of structure and the heap at the bottom keep me from buying one. I do love the colors they come in! Maybe one day!

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