Beautiful Elrohir Leather Ombre Traveler’s Notebook covers

I really love the two Elrohir Leather ombre traveler’s notebook covers shown below. Both are in Standard Wide size and have 8 elastics.

These two were ready-to ship-covers and are sold, but are always available as custom orders (in any size) from Mischa, who is an absolute sweetheart to deal with. Her workmanship is excellent (she does all the stitching by hand) and her prices are great. Plus she does something not many sellers do – includes multiple top quality insert booklets with each cover.

Below is my Elrohir Leather ombre cover in Field Notes size, also bought as a ready-to ship. I believe this was the first seagrass ombre cover that Mischa ever made.

I love this leather and cover. The leather is nice and thick and firm, and the inside pockets add functionality. It is one of my favourite covers of all time.

Mischa also sells inserts separately. I can heartily recommend them. The paper is amazing, the quality is outstanding AND she has recently started doing dot grid!

And here are some examples of other ombre covers. As you can see, each one is different.

PLUS, Mischa includes lots of handmade high quality inserts inside each cover. The pink one above came with 5 inserts, and the micro/A7 lilac below came with 8 inserts.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. I adore Mischa’s notebooks – I’ve lost count of how many I have. And I seem to spend a lot of time checking her Etsy page just in case she’s updated it! Her inserts are fabulous quality, and I stockpiled a load of them recently. And one thing I do like about her is that you can put the order in, and she’s clear how long it will take to make the notebook. I can’t be doing with these people who open their order books on the second Tuesday in a month with an R in it! I haven’t got time for that – I’ve got a job to do and can’t necessarily be online at that specific time.

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