Apple Pig A5 + wallet insert in Natural Veg Tan leather

This is an Apple Pig A5 Extra Wide 5mm vegetable tanned leather cover with superpockets, super pen loop and wallet insert. This design looks complicated but is pretty easy to order – you order the basic cover and then you can add separate options one by one. The super pocket is actually two pockets, one flip-out pocket constellation on each side. Superpockets include credit card holders, slip pockets, pen case, and secretarial pockets.

This is such a functional design and is exactly the same layout as my Cave Art A5, though a bit wider. I was thinking of another Cave Art cover because I love my first one so much, but Lin (hearing that I was looking for thick stiff leather) suggested I challenge myself and go for 5mm thick natural vegetable tan leather from Italy. And I am so happy I did.

This leather is thick, firm, and smooth as silk. It is a gorgeous golden toasty colour, and will darken with time. Lin sent me three different colours of elastic because I could not decide which one I liked best.

Lin is extremely innovative and what is very unusual is his use of zippers (heavy duty ones at that). Zippers actually add a whole new realm of possibility and versatility to a cover. He can also put pen holders and zippers on the front and back covers.

Lin also kindly included two beautiful coasters in the same leather and stitching, three sets of extra elastics, a cute Apple Pig leather charm on an elastic, and a grid insert.

I also bought an A5 leather wallet insert with credit card holders, secretarial pocket, zipper pocket (lovely heavy duty zipper) and slip pockets with zippers so that you can fit inserts snugly. Open the zip, slide in the insert, and close the zip.

You can carry this as a separate TN and wallet in one if you are just dashing out somewhere and don’t need your full TN.

See a video about these wallet inserts


Categories: Midori and other Traveler's Notebooks

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