Is it Manflu I wonder?


I saw loads of these posters in the Stockholm underground yesterday. The text says ‘Cold season is here’. This chap looks like he is on his deathbed, feebly bidding his family a final farewell.  I was wondering if the campaign is a tongue in cheek nod to ‘manflu’ or whether I have really been around too many men who really suffer when they have a cold.

I took a video of the billboard as well. What do you think?



There are so many jokes about it…..




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I REALLY love that the men I work with joke a lot about having manflu. Most of them actually just get on with it when they have a cold, while jokingly telling me that the symptoms and agony ARE worse for them. But I have lived with someone who was a giant pain in the ass when he had a cold or flu. He was usually a great guy but when he was sick he acted like The Lady of the Camellias, dramatically bidding farewell to the world. He was also nasty and irritable, which perhaps means that he really was suffering.

Author: Janet Carr

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  1. I know what you mean, Janet, and I do find it very amusing, BUT I’m happy to tell you that I suffer without admitting how bad I actually feel. Because I can’t stand fuss.

  2. I don’t think it has anything to do with having a higher pain threshold or being able to endure the pain of giving birth. Though it helps!
    It is more about a hormone secreted by the brain and a different area of the brain that make people more or less prone to feel pain or get a temperature. Men and women differ a lot in that matter as their brain is shaped differently in that matter and men having a bigger preoptic nucleus they are more sensitive to symptoms and pains.

  3. M’en do suffer more than women when they get a cold. It is scientifically proved that they get more affected and develop more symptoms.
    I know it is irritating for us women to see them behave as if they were in genuine agony but their brain work differently and we don’t react the same way to the same pain/symptoms.

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