Barenia leather TN from Atelier Philippe

This came really quickly! Was posted on Monday and was hand delivered at 7.30am on Thursday.

It is from Atelier Philippe on Etsy, which also made my unusual Togo leather cover. Jerome Philippe is really great to deal with.

The leather (Barenia, made for ‘the’ French design house) is amazingly soft and smooth, but not too floppy. The inside pockets and spine reinforcement adds some stiffness without adding bulk or weight. The workmanship is incredible. It is all handmade, even the stitching (which is perfect) and took over four hours to make.

I have not put any booklets in it yet but have shown how it would look with lots of inserts.






Below you can see the perfect stitching. All done by hand.






Jerome’s photos below are more indicative of the colour, a rich warm brown. Mine have a more toffee look about them, not sure why.



Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Sorry for the late question!!! but, I had to ask…!! How usable are they? I mean.. maxed out with 10 notebooks.. how is the writing experience? To me, looks like you need to detach the notebook where you want to write on… Am I wrong about that?

    1. Once you are used to it is fine. I do take the booklet out if I have a great deal of writing to do but otherwise I use the book within the elastics. I have thick writing boards that I lay my hand on to get close to the bottom of the page.

  2. Beautiful looking cover and clearly well made as you say…..

    Notice a big difference between leather color in your photos and Jerome’s.

    Leather has a bit of an orangey look to my eyes in your photos and more of a brown color in his.

    Which is closer to real color?



      1. Thanks for clarifying….although I really like the look of the color in your first two pics….


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