Ziggy gets the all-clear


Last week Ziggy had what was hopefully his last visit to the vet. He came to me as an emergency foster, half-starved, badly beaten and in desperate need of someone to love him. We have been together through getting rid of ear mites and viruses, the healing of broken legs, crooked hips, undescended testicles, respiratory infections, stunted growth, you name it. And today he was given a clean bill of health. Shiny coat, strong heart, clear lungs, beautiful teeth and his hips will be normal once he is fully grown. He will always be undersized and still has problems with his gums but apparently that will come and go.

The whole veterinary clinic is in love with him, as is everyone who meets him. I have never met a cat who loves people so much. I guess he decided early on in life to trust that people would make him better and look after him, and to believe that life is wonderful . He doesn’t mind cat boxes, cars, noise (not even the vacuum cleaner – in fact he tries to play with it while I am vacuuming), dogs, other cats, the vet, being handled or strangers. He gets so excited when he sees food that he starts to knead with his paws.

I am so happy that we found each other. Perhaps in some way Paddy sent him to me to take his place.

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  1. I just can’t understand people who ill-treat animals.
    When you see such an adorable cat how is it possible to think of hurting him? He was very fortunate of have found you. You saved him and his every day behaviour is his way to thank you.

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  2. Poor Ziggy… I never realised how badly he had been treated… He was really lucky to find you. Please give him a few belly scratches and a treat or two for me.

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  3. He is one lucky cat!!

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  4. He is so fortunate to have been taken in by you. That might be the reason why he is so cute, full of life and friendly!

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  5. Great news that he’s doing well. Lovely that you found each other.

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