TN elastic from Cordshoppe


Here is some of my TN elastics from Cordshoppe on Etsy.

Sara is wonderful to deal with. She will advise you on colours, help you with coordination and also sends good-sized samples with her packages so that you can try something new.

My favourite combination from her so far has been lime green and grapefruit pink.



I buy all my elastics from her because her colours are lovely, the quality is excellent (no stretching or perishing on any of my elastics even though some of them have been in use for ages), you don’t have to buy wholesale amounts and her service is fantastic.

I am a big fan of changing elastics in my traveler’s notebooks to add extra pizazz and prevent me from getting bored. I also tend to regularly switch out coat and cardigan buttons to give older clothes a new lease of life. At present my black parka has all black buttons except for one bright red one.

I can definitely recommend!



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