DodoPad Square Ruled Paper


Dodo-Pad kindly sent me these three refill packs of Dodo-Pad paper for Filofax-compatible ring binders. They are in A6, A5, and personal size.

They are described on the Dodo-Pad site as:

50 sheets (100 pages) of A6 ‘Quadrille’ square ruled one side, clear one side (Clairfontaine, French style paper) with a feint 5mm grid printed on one side so it’s ‘there’ but unobtrusive. Made from our acclaimed, high quality 100gsm everyday organiser writing paper that can be safely written on in pencil, ball point or even fountain pen ink. 

Measurements:148 x 105mm, 5.83 x 4.13″ Fits Gillio (A6), Mulberry (Agenda), Van der Spek (Senior) and other similar A6 6-holed organisers.

We also sell A5 (210 x 148mm) and Personal Organiser (171 x 95mm) paper and we’re delighted to tell you that this product is locally produced in Cornwall, England where Dodo Pad is based.




  • The paper is crisp and white with subtle squares so they don’t overpower your writing.
  • It is nice and thick so it won’t tear or crumple if you are not careful with it. I imagine you could also use pretty wet ink and come out unscathed.
  • I like that it has squares on one side and is plain on the other. The only other paper I have used like this is the PPNova paper. I tend to write each day’s to do list neatly the night before on the grid side and then during the day I make all my scribbled notes on the other side.
  • I didn’t test it with too many different types of writing implement, because I thought that if any of my readers have a request for how it works with a particular pen/ink and I have that pen/ink, I could try it for you and then post it here. This is with 2H 2mm lead and a plain Jinhao fountain pen with black ink.
  • It takes fountain pen ink perfectly with no bleeding or show through on the other side. It does show slight impression marks though, but that could be because, as a leftie, I tend to press harder than most people.

Find these inserts here:

I see that at the moment they are running a 10% off special on these items.

Thank you Rebecca for giving me the chance to try out this paper!

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