I had a busy day yesterday – so glad I am organised!



I don’t normally say in detail what I do or where I am – partly because I   sign confidentiality agreements and partly for security reasons. But yesterday’s should be okay to share.

During the day today I had two cancellations and one new booking for this week and four new bookings for next week. I also had to keep checking exactly where I was going next.

  • 4.30 am: alarm went off
  • 4.30am to 6am: translation (I had a last minute job that needed to be done by midday and I had no other time available)
  • 6am to 7.am: fed cats, cleaned litterbox, fed myself and had my tea while reading the newspaper. Showered and got ready for work.
  • 7am: bus, underground, walked and at work by 7.30am
  • 7.30am: briefing
  • 7.50am – 9am: Parliament Committee on Defence
  • 9am – 10am: Parliament Committee on Culture
  • 10am – 11am: Parliament Committee on Finance
  • 11am – 12: Parliament Advisory Committee on European Union Affairs
  • 12 – 12.30pm: walk then underground while eating a sandwich
  • 12.30pm – 2pm: National Agency for Education
  • 2pm: walked and underground back to Parliament
  • 2.30pm – 3.55pm: Parliament Committee on Social Insurance
  • 4pm – 4.20pm: Voting in the chamber
  • 4.30pm – 5.40pm: Chair of the Committee on Social Insurance
  • 6pm – 7pm: Proofreading invitations and programme for upcoming visit by a foreign delegation
  • 7pm – 8pm: walk, underground, collect dry cleaning, shopping, bus home
  • 8pm – 9pm: relax, play with cats, dinner, Netflix, dishes, chores
  • 9pm – 1o.30pm: administration (invoicing, email, updating client records, updating bookings in the client system) and preparation and printing

You can see from my week that:

  • Monday was a public holiday (I always put washi tape over holidays)
  • Tuesday I had a cancellation so I translated all day. I have a big job that has to be ready by the 15th and an even bigger one that has to be ready by 1 July so I always do as much as possible during even the shortest of breaks.
  • Wednesday was fully booked
  • Thursday is full but with a space that I can use for translation. I like clear rulers because I can read through them.
  • Friday I have had one new booking and one cancellation. I will translate the rest of the time
  • Saturday is laundry and blogging day (I usually blog while I am in the communal laundry in the basement)
  • Sunday I have the day off

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. I agree with ArchiMark: reading such a schedule is exhausting.
    I get the same when people read mine too. But then honestly once your day has started you just go on and on without thinking about how busy you are.

    Personally l find it much more tiring when l have breaks during the day. I usually wake up at 5.15 am and work starts at 8 till 6 pm. But most of the time my working day doesn’t finish untill 11.30 pm or much later when l have to take a train or a plane to come back home to Paris or go to a Committee somewhere (4 times a week).

    Guess what? I feel useless and depressed when l have a week off. Arghhhh

  2. Wow! what a day…..

    Every time I read your schedule I’m exhausted by the end of it….and need to go take a nap……


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