Manufactus gold and brown wrap notebook

I love Manufactus Notebooks. I have had these for years. The Turquoise are A4 and A5 notebook covers which can be used with Manufactus’ own refills or any standard ones. The brown ones are traditional Florentine ones. Manufactus has the most lovely paper – plain or lined.



This is a recent one which was not actually meant to be a purchase. I was looking at a pair of Steve Madden Freebird Drover boots in the shop when I saw this one nestling in the back of a display cabinet. It reminded me of a similar Paperblanks one but the leather was absolutely sublime – like Mulberry Darwin or Gillio Epoca but BETTER!!! It is thick and flexible with very pebbly grain.

I certainly don’t need another notebook but it was the only one they had and I didn’t want to regret it so I bought it on the spot!

The paper is creamy and lined.

IMG_7651 (1)

IMG_7636 (1)

IMG_7638 (1)

IMG_7637 (1)

IMG_7641 (1)

And the boots I was looking at!


Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Not familiar with this company….but then I’m in California……

    Their leather looks great… the character in both the smooth and pebbled brown notebooks….

    Interesting chamfered edge design on the smooth brown ones….

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