Rainbow custom Van Der Spek binder

All of us Van Der Spek fans know that they are really good at custom binders. I firmly believe that this is why the sales group is so quiet – people are really able to order something that suits them and their lives. Mr Van Der Spek never seems to feel anything is impossible.

I have written about unusual VDS customisations before, but this one for Reina S is just off the wall epic. Look at all the colours! The seamless rainbow stripes! The full length back pocket! The outside sleeve pocket! The pocket constellation! The gold rings! The interior zipper pocket! The embossing! The perfect leather! The colours!

Reina really has talent flair for design and colour. I recognise beauty but could never create it like this. And all the people who went to make it – Mr Van Der Spek and Petra for working it out, JP Frumau for cutting it, Magda for making it and Mrs Van Der Spek for packaging it up.

I really love the colours in this – they are so perfectly placed and tonal, not neon and not pastel but a little in between. And if these rainbow shades are not for you, imagine leather ribbons of different shades of grey, or black to grey to white, or nudes, or berries, or pinks, or greens, or different textures….the list is endless.

Naturally you would pay extra for the extra work involved but how worth it would it be to have a work of art like this in your life?

And a huge thank you to Reina for allowing me to write about it.

Find Van Der Spek here:


Facebook fan page


or you can email Petra Van Der Spek at websiteATvdslederwaren.nl


The vision
The vision
The process
The process
The process
The process


The reality









Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

5 thoughts

  1. I would love a planner like this with a few different colors. How would I go about doing this? Please?? Thank you!

    1. I will put links in the article Tiffany – I should have done that when I wrote it but I was too excited. You can email Petra Van Der Spek at website @ vdslederwaren.nl and take it from there.

  2. Wow! That is quite the colorful binder……

    And the nice thing is that somehow it all works!

    Good job, Reina!

    Enjoy the Rainbow vdS binder!


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