Penhaglion’s Quercus range


Several of the hotels I stay at use Penhaglion’s Quercus in the bathrooms. Usually soap, shower gel, body lotion, shampoo and conditioner.

I tend to travel with my own mini-toiletries, so I bring the ones they give me back home with me (I figure it is not stealing!) and use them when I have guests. Without fail, the guests rave about them and ask where they can buy more.

It is a nice clean unisex smell – citrusy and spice. Described as:

Created in 1996, Quercus declares itself with a light burst of citrus and basil, supported by a heart accord of jasmine, cardamom and muguet that is sweet, spiced and supremely delicate. The greenness of the basil persists into the surprisingly resilient musk and sandalwood base notes. These are warmed through with moss and patchouli to create elegant, strong and uplifting cologne. Named after the Latin for the British Oak, Quercus is a modern and invigorating range enjoyed by both men and women.

Another gorgeous one that I used to use is Penhaglion’s Bluebell but they have other ones as well.



Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. We used to put Penhaligan welcome toiletries in our holiday cottages and apartments. It was ridiculously expensive but we always received favourable comments. However, they were so desirable that all the bottles would always be taken away – whether used or not. That was ok but guests were not averse to taking “extras” off the housekeeping trollies and helping themselves in the store cupboard if the door was open!

    As all our guests stay more than one night we switched to leaving big bottles of a cheaper (but still decent quality) brand in all the bathrooms. These last throughout a stay, rather than just the first night and can be refilled – so are more environmentally friendly than all those tiny little plastic bottles.

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