A5 purple Gillio Mia Cara

This is my fifth Gillio Mia Cara. I have Gold Epoca Mia Caras in A5, Medium and Pocket, and a purple Medium. This A5 is to match my medium.

As always the Gillio epoca leather is divine and I chose a pebbly one, as is my wont. This is likely my last one ever due to the price, but they do last forever. My oldest one is three years and the more it is used the better it looks.

The closest leather to this is probably Mulberry Darwin leather. Sadly, no longer produced.






Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

4 thoughts

  1. If I ever were to order one – this is the exact size and the exact color I would get!!!!!! Crazy huh????

  2. can you feel my “green envy blues here”??????????????? Color is DIVINE!!!!! – NO everything is just divine .. some day I will get my first!!!!!!!!

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