Vintage Filofax OVC 7/8 with black rings


Oh my I love this binder, which I bought on eBay, thanks to the heads up from Sarah N.

It is amazing, absolutely amazing! My first Filofax without gold/silver/brushed silver rings! And what quality! It does not have a clasp and is not made of leather but for a binder that has been in use since the 1980s it is perfect perfect perfect! It also lays completely and utterly flat, no matter where you put it!

The owner actually commented on my previous post about this binder (link above) and wrote:

Hi!, my name is Gail and I am in the UK. This is the Filofax that started it all for me.Retrieved from the back of the bureau by my husband a few years ago when I was bemoaning the fact that my life was getting out of hand and I wasn’t getting to my sewing machine enough.It had been there, unloved, since the late 80’s and still had some original dated pages. After a good clean, it became, and still is my main planner. It is everything that most enthusiasts hate…not leather, no clasp or even pen loops. But I like the fact that it is a ‘rescue’ planner and it catapulted me into a world that I didn’t know existed, where people talked in a strange language and sometimes even code ( WO2P ?????). It has been a steep learning curve, and yes, a few other planners have joined it now. Hobbies are now far better integrated into my life which makes for a much happier me, so many thanks for all the hints and tips that are out there and for this post, as I never expected to see my humble ( Cobra? ) on screen.

Thank you Sarah and Gail!






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    1. I actually really like no closure binders. Sadly I only have three as I don’t work as a desk and clasps are better if you carry things around. But for desk work there is nothing better!

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