Filofax Duplex DML F7/8 – 4 pages at once!



This arrived from Kate C in the UK yesterday. Beautifully packaged with the rings and interior protected. I have wanted one of these for ages because you can see four pages at a time. This means I can work on the notes for four translation projects simultaneously. It also fits a good number of pages and has a popper closure. AND is portable because it is personal size. Once again, thanks to Sarah N for spotting it for me and Kate for selling it to me!




Author: Janet Carr

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  1. This looks awesome. It would be cool if they did a trifold one – so it wouldn’t be too much bigger than a personal in the width but could still have four pages open. You couldn’t fit as many pages as you can in this one though.

  2. Looks excellent.
    What does it look like looking from the end with pages on both sides and closed?
    Thank you

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