Burde Traveller’s Notebook inspired notebook covers

I have seen these a couple of times now. They come in A4 and A5 size and hold three notebooks – two lined and one grid – with gorgeous burgundy lines on dark cream paper. You can add any A4 or A5 notebooks. There are little slots in the top and bottom of the thick black plastic cover to keep the elastics firmly anchored.




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  1. I rather like these 🙂


    • Hello Janet,
      I am sure you know this one too. There is another identical system in many size (A5, A6, A7) with up to four elastics : the X17.
      web site : http://www.x17.de/
      The paper is thin, not as the Tomoe river or Hobonichi one, but I like it. You can custom the notebook to your needs too. In my own opinion, it can’t concurrence the midori system. It’s hard to find in France, but I tried the A5 one and like it.

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  1. Eine schlechte Kopie | X17 Blog

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