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I had a rather slow postal delivery of my Anatomia Corporis Humani due to the Christmas holidays (no fault at all of AlexLibris, from whom I bought it), but as a token of his apologies for the delay (totally unnecessary but so very very sweet), Alex gifted me this beautiful traveller’s journal.

It is absolutely beautiful – perfectly made and a wonderful size for carrying with you. The paper is divine! I have taken some pictures of mine but also included a description and some photos from Alex’s Etsy shop. All the photos which do not show my desk belong to Alex. I had great plans of using it for my lists but having received it and realized how special it is, I am going to use it for a higher purpose!

This special leather journal is adorned with patterned alligator leather and black leather layer inside cover. Hand tinted, specially embossed, and gilded for the fine collectors among you…

Journal’s size is 5 x 4 inches and thickness is 2 inches… Leather is double layered (inside have black leather face too) and made this journal very stronger with nice feeling in hands. Journal has 200 hand torn leafs (400 pages if you count both sides of the paper) of 100gsm cream toned paper with unique gilded edges. Paper is excellent for writing or sketching with ink. Leather straps adorn the cover placing an intrigue when opening and discovering its beauty.

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