Clarisonic facial cleansing brush


I use a sonic toothbrush so these sonic facial cleansing brushes have always intrigued me. I have been told – when I have my teeth cleaned and also when I have cleansing facials – that I don’t clean the right side as thoroughly as my left. This may be because I am left handed.

There has been such a buzz about Clarisonic facial cleansing brushes that I decided to treat myself to one for Christmas. Two clients gave me gift vouchers for Christmas, plus I had cash back vouchers and a 20% discount coupon. So, it kind of fell into my shopping basket at the end of a very long very horrible day last week!

I couldn’t decide between limited edition gold, or a black one from the regular line. My electric toothbrush is black so the black Clarisonic  would have looked nice in the bathroom. But I love gold and in the end the lure of the limited edition won out. There is also a limited edition silver which was gorgeous!

With the Clarisonic you can choose different brush heads depending on your skin type. When you buy the brush it comes with a brush head for sensitive skin and a cleansing gel. This one also charges via a usb port.




For traveling you can leave the base behind and just take the usb charger



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