Just won a true unicorn – Filofax Classic Mashup








I have loved these binders since they came out and have written about them before. As there were only 25 made of each colourway, these are extremely hard to find. They sold out pretty quickly and I have only ever seen another one.

This one appeared on eBay Germany and was limited to Germany only. Thanks to offers from Chrissie, Ena and Nat to proxy vote for me, I won it for a nice price thanks to a bid from Ena, while Chrissie and I cheered her on via PM.

I always tell people that if you are an active member of a community you can always find ‘unicorns’ for a decent price if you are patient. If you participate by answering on threads, chatting with people and helping them if you can, they get to know you and return the favor. They keep their eyes out for things they know you want and they help you buy from countries that would otherwise be closed to you. This is proof of that.

I want to say a huge thank you to Ena, Chrissie and Nat. Also a huge thank you to Fleur for alerting me to the auction – I would not have even known about it otherwise.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  1. Had l known you were looking for one, you could have had one for free, Janet, and for a long time.

    Indeed one of my friends had one and offered it to me last summer as she was moving out and was getting rid of some things. It had been offered to her by her sister in law but it never left its box as she didn’t like it.
    I refused it as l was still in my Mulberrys then and to be honest the colours didn’t really appeal to me. Anyway, she ended up giving it away to a charity shop in Plymouth.

    So sad l didn’t know you were looking for one…

    1. Oh wow what a story Nathalie – someone must have had a very happy day in a charity shop! What a find that would have been. Yes I would have loved it to bits! I have my eye on the other colourway now but I doubt I will ever find one!

      1. Who knows, Janet? There may be one sleeping in its box in a drawer somewhere, just waiting for its owner to ship it to Sweden… l hope wou’ll find one in 2015!!

  2. Wow…today really is your lucky day…this is even more gorgeous than the earlier one.
    How fantastic :). Well done 🙂

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