Pro Plan Nova Personal Sized ‘duplex’ style binder with velcro rings

I have written previously about my PP Nova Brown compact organizer which I am using at the moment. I love it because it is compact and light, plus it enables me to use a spiral bound calendar AND a Filofax calendar in one binder. The rings are backed with Velcro and replaceable.

I received four or five queries about where to find these. The leather ones are not available anymore and the style has been discontinued but I found four in faux leather available to buy in Sweden (they have sections in other languages for overseas buyers). After these four have been sold that is it – there will not be any more. I have instructions at the bottom of the article if you are interested in buying one of these.

In the interests of research I bought one of these with full inserts as well as additional inserts. My opinion:

  • even though it is faux leather, it feels really nice. It is very floppy with no stiffening so if you like Maldens, this will be right up your alley.
  • the pocket layout and zipped pocket are identical to the leather one
  • the pen holder is elasticated rather than made of the same leader as the binder. This is nice because the leather one only takes very slim pens and pencils.
  • the inserts are lovely – thin white paper and very practically designed. Many of them have lines on the front and plain white paper on the back. This is ideal for me as I scribble notes on blank bits of paper so this keeps all my scribbles in one place.

If you are curious, I would really recommend trying this. It is a very well designed, innovative and unusual binder. The fact that the rings are replaceable gives a whole set of possibilities – you can replace damaged rings OR you can use the different sets of rings to hold different sets of inserts (maybe one for each project) and they swap easily in and out. But when they are in they sit like they were glued fast.

photo 1-1
The Pro Plan Nova comes boxes with full inserts including 2015 calendar. To the right are the extra inserts I bought.
photo 2
It is faux leather but feels lovely – soft and grainy
photo 3
Back view
photo 3-2
Lovely and soft – no stiffening. Perfect stitching. No press stud so it can be filled more than a normal binder with a press fastener. 
photo 4
The spiral notebook or calendar fits into the slip pocket on the left. On the right is an index page
photo 1-2
To the left the spiral calendar, in the middle, a full set of Filofax refills and to the right a notebook. The planner is designed to take all three
photo 2-1
Zipped pocket and elasticated pen loop
photo 3-1
Vertical week on two pages. This calendar is available with regular week on two pages format as well. There is no place marker in the spiral calendar but the bottom  page corners  are perforated, which performs the same function.
photo 5
There are many credit card slots and slip pockets. The ringed part of the organizer comes with a clear plastic ruler to mark your place. 
photo 2-2
The standard set of refills – lined paper, grid paper, daily to dos, general to dos and addresses

If you wish to buy one – here is the starting page for the Nova . You click ‘köp’ and then go to the top RIGHT of the starting page and click ’till kassan’ then ‘välj land’ and click on whatever country you are from. The form is then pretty much the same as most of the ones we are used to. If you battle, contact me and we can do it together.

Author: Janet Carr

Fashion, beauty and animal loving language consultant from South Africa living in Stockholm, Sweden.

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