Filofax Spotted in the Wild – a Mulberry-alike

This one has attracted a lot of interest so I asked my client if I could have a closer look at it. She says she has had it for a very long time and cannot remember where she bought it. It is made of beautiful supple black leather with a tree logo with MB on it. But it has no other markings and is definitely not a Mulberry. So it is either another brand which has MB as its initials (but it is not a Montblanc), or it is a copy of a Mulberry though the Mulberry logo is never featured like this on real ones.


Zippered bottom holding money and credit cards. The top part has business cards, compact rings, a second spiral calendar holder and a notebook
Beautiful leather, wonderfully worn
photo 1-4
A fuzzy view of the logo – it has M on one side of the tree and B on the other. But it is definitely not a Mulberry binder.
photo 3-3
Top view. I love the worn pages and stuffed interior

photo 2-3

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