Harrods Green Five Year Diary with Lock and Key

A cheap eBay find, this green Harrods five-year diary almost exactly matches a red one I found a while ago and the accompanying key fits both of them. Sadly, it does not fit the Gilliodoro lockable organizer which Gill and I are hunting keys for but I shall search on!

These diaries were very fashionable many years ago (I have unused five-year diaries ranging from 1899 to present-day) and most of them have never been written in. They go for as little as £1 sometimes and are great as little notebooks as well as to record projects. Many of them are beautifully made and durable. They are also often small and compact so are easy to carry.

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Some of my others
Some of my others

Author: Janet Carr

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  1. Shame – the key does look like it should fit. Still, you do have another great diary. I have a lockable notebook on the way to me with a key that looks similar hahaaaa, bet it doesn’t fit though. I also have a little surprise for you….stay tuned 😀

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